Lakeside French Cleaners

Having the PieceCounter is like having a manager that spends all his time watching production.  It takes that personal element out of production management that both management and pressers dislike so much. It makes the numbers black and white.  The pressers are either performing to company standards, or they are not.  The information is right in front of the pressers so they know at all times whether or not they are meeting their goals.

I was not sure how my pressers would react to the PieceCounter.  To my surprise they love to know how they are doing and like to compete with each other to see who had the best numbers for the day.

I have also started using the time clock system, which automatically calculates daily and weekly overtime.  When the time clock is used in conjunction with the PieceCounter, you can see a report that shows how much time each day a presser was clocked in and not in a work session.

Net results: there is no better way to track production.  The pressers love knowing how they are performing and I know whether or not we are meeting our production standards no matter where in the world I am, as long as I have internet access.

Gary Axelson, Owner, Lakeside French Cleaners, San Francisco, CA, 3 units