Sensor Options

Proximity Sensor

The proximity sensor "sees" the metal hanger when it passes underneath the sensor. This sensor is less expensive than the photo sensor and works well when a single presser's garments are the only ones that will pass underneath the sensor. These are commonly used at pressing stations that have a drop line out of the pressing station onto a central screw or slick rail.

Proximity Sensor - Conduit Mount

The conduit mount is used to position a proximity sensor onto a tubular conduit rail.

Proximity Sensor - Rail Mount

The rail mount is used to position a proximity sensor onto a flat rail.

Photo Sensor

The photo sensor counts the hanger (or any object) as it passes through the sensor and breaks an infrared beam. This sensor works well when multiple pressers hang their completed garments on a central screw or slick rail. The other pressers garments can pass behind without triggering the sensor.

Barcode Reader

A barcode reader can be used to count pieces by scanning the heatseal barcodes on garments. This has the added benefit of knowing who pressed the garment, where they pressed it, when they pressed it and the ability to track redos. Additionally, we can interface with many point of sale systems and display garment specific pressing instructions to the presser.  The barcode scanner will include a 24" long flex arm for mounting.